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Wednesday, February 15


Thursday, February 16







Designing Technology Inclusive Pedagogy in Teacher Education that Translates into Classroom Practice Shaw AuditoriumLIMITEDDr. Eva Brown Meta-linguistic Awareness for Academic Success Millstone RiverLIMITEDGloria Ramirez • Stacey Turner 1. A Course for Student teachers about the importance of High Expectations for Students; 2. Teacher to Teacher - Sharing the Wisdom Nanaimo River AFILLINGDebbie Bailey • Cynthia Prasow • SUSANA RAMIREZ 1. Digital ePortfolio: From chosen assignment to cross-program hub; 2. Using Technology as a Teaching Tool Duke Point RoomLIMITEDEmma Denhoff • Tim Hopper • Allison Smith • Chantel Wilkinson 1. Fostering Mental Wellbeing in our Schools; 2. Self-Regulation and Fidget tools Departure Bay Room AFULLKara Barkwell • Brittany Eliuk • Halie Friesen • Shania Hounsell • Ashly Young 1. Indigenous Inquiry Kits; 2. Becoming an Indigenous Ally: Inquiry and inclusion in a practicum Lantzville RoomFULLMorgan Paulson • Jacqueline Sinclair 1. Initial Teacher Education Action Research: Digipen Project-Based Learning; 2. Engagement at Play: The Cognitive Science in Gamification Mt Benson ALIMITEDAndrew Brown • Edward Howe • Sara Spada 1. ITEP Student Experiences in the Indigenous Professional Development School Dodd Narrows BLIMITEDCarson Mercredi • Jasmyn Opikokew 1. Making learning come alive for ELL students; 2. Augmented Physical Education Mt Benson BFULLMarlene Aranton • Jose Carlos Esteban • Jake Hardy • Mitchell Lee • Mark Vuorela • Ziyi Wu 1. Planting Indigenous Knowledge into the Curriculum; 2. Sustainable Future Through Indigenous Teachings Nanaimo River BFULLMaxine Panchuk • Olivia Ullyot 1. SEL for Teacher Candidates; 2. How Well Do Pre-Service Teachers Understand Scaffolding Dodd Narrows ALIMITEDJanet Carroll • Linda Edworthy • Nancy Norman • Barbara Salingre • Ruthanne Tobin 1. Unit Plan Roundtable: A Feedforward Session; 2. Don't Plan Your Lesson Twice! Departure Bay Room BLIMITEDChristopher Klune • Aaron Sauve





Board Games and Design-Based Learning Nanaimo River BFULLAlexander Kowalchuk Discussions on the Earth Charter Lantzville RoomLIMITEDGerben van Straaten Interdisciplinary Unit: Sustainability and Colonization of Mars Dodd Narrows ALIMITEDAmanda Baird • Youssef Chehade • Kelsey Hurt • Brandon Kaduhr • Evan Parr • Jada Pavan Let's Get Graphic: Using Comics for Deeper Learning Dodd Narrows BLIMITEDChristopher Klune Field Experience Accommodation Meeting Millstone RiverUniversity of Winnipeg 1. Paired Placements in a First Year Education Practicum; 2. Co-Teaching as Pre-Service Teachers in an Embedded Practicum; 3. Exploring the Supervision Dynamic During an Initial Teacher Education Practicum: A Case... Duke Point RoomLIMITEDAlex Kellar • Wendy Klassen • Judy Larsen • Anne MacLean • Lauren Malec • Greg Ogilvie • Awneet Sivia Table One 1. “While You Were Away"; 2. Social Anxiety in the Classroom Mt Benson AFULLCaroline Alexander • Diana Burton • Hannah Morales • Oceana Pazarena Table One: 1. Moving Forward with Digital Technologies in Teacher Education; 2. STEMulating with Science Fiction: Using Literature and Film to Engage Students in STEM; 3. Expanding the educational discussion on... Mt Benson BFILLINGStephen Bishop • Yvonne Dawydiak • Kevin Wilcox Table One: 1. Outdoor Education and Sustainable Futures: Regenerating Broken Links of Place and Curriculum; 2. Sustainability Project in Alternative Education; 3. Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge into Teaching... Departure Bay Room BFULLCourtney Van De Kerckhove • Katlyn Paslawski • Erin Warkman Table Two 1. Picture Books and Immigration Challenges: An Interrogation of Literary Content Based on a Case Study of Three Adult Immigrants Recalling Childhood Transitions to Canada; 2. Not Only Essays: Creativity... Mt Benson ALIMITEDYina Liu • Jennifer Nahrgang Table Two: 1. Focus; 2. Interdisplinary Passion Based Learning; 3. No time for sitting in PE Departure Bay Room BFULLKaley Cochrane • Christine Dalman • Lisa Dumoulin • Lindsy Friendship • Amanda Hunter • Maggie Rebalski Table Two: 1. Strengthening social emotional learning in the elementary classroom; 2. The Buddy System Program; 3. "It's a process, not a fait accompli": Challenging Conformity and Navigating Criticality in Teacher... Mt Benson BFULLJayne Cormack • Noella Piquette • Nicola Racanelli • Clea Schmidt 1. A CRITICAL INQUIRY: Student Privacy in the Digital Era; 2. Preparing Students for The Digital World Shaw AuditoriumFILLINGBenita Faralli • Kait Hart • Taylor Heywood 1. Find Your Balance - Balancing Wellness Through the use of the Medicine Wheel; 2. Interdisciplinary Self-Regulation for the Classroom Nanaimo River AFULLjanet brockhurst • Karsten Hoehn 1. LGBTTQ2S Sustainability Under the New BCTF Anti-Bullying Protection Policy; 2. Decolonizing Senior Social Studies Departure Bay Room AFILLINGAdam Barron • Bernt Hanson



Friday, February 17




Creating digital stories with youth on mental health issues Shaw AuditoriumLIMITEDJennifer Mullett Enriching Your Program with Garage Sale Treasures Mt Benson ALIMITEDKaiten Critchlow • Darcy Manns • Sandy Margetts • Courtney Osudar • Danielle Pilatic Exercises in Empathetic Thinking; Get Your Students "Thinking Outside the Books" Nanaimo River AFULLPeter Bjornson Fostering the Desire of Students to Communicate in French within Immersive Learning Communities Duke Point RoomLIMITEDNicolas Fortin Good Intentions Are Not The Antidote: Strategies For Overcoming Privilege in BC's New Curriculum Mt Benson BLIMITEDBobbi Smith It Takes a Community to Educate a Teacher: Moving Forward With Problem Based Learning Pedagogy Departure Bay Room AFULLMargot Filipenko Mirrors and Windows: Using Refugee Children’s Literature to Broaden Understanding and Validate Experiences Millstone RiverLIMITEDLynne Wiltse Ms. Frizzle was Right: The Value of Experiential Learning Dodd Narrows BLIMITEDHayley Atkins • Kai Barker Promoting Prowess: Empowering Females in Pursuit of STEM Dodd Narrows ALIMITEDCharla Anderson • Stephanie Malcolm Videogames as Positive Learning Environments Departure Bay Room BFILLINGJamie Burren • Tim Hopper • Nate Kaye • Kathy Sanford • Matt Wesley Weaving Aboriginal Content into the Classroom Lantzville RoomFULLCorissa Campbell • Lauren Geneau • MaryDawn Macwatt • Katie Winterbottom 1. Students and Experiential Learning with Blanket Stories; 2. Learning with the Environment: Bringing Nature Inside Nanaimo River BLIMITEDNicole Currie • Miranda Sadler • Cameron Tataryn • Haley Taylor • Kara Wiseman